Hello! My name is Tony Pann, and I would like to thank
you for taking the time to visit my website! My latest project is a wonderful children's book called "Everything is You". It's a fantastic ride for children of all ages, that will allow them to build the confidence and self esteem that all of us strive for and deserve. It is my intention that you get as much love
and joy out of this story as I received while writing the book!


Krystal, a little girl who is being ostracized on the school playground, decides to drift off and spend a little time by herself. While sitting on the ground and staring up at the sky, a pleasant looking white puffy cloud catches her eye. This cloud, named Cody, drifts down to sit next to her. After listening to her story about feeling like an outsider, Cody offers to take her on a magical tour of the "inner" universe. They travel inside exotic locations like the Sun and Moon, then eventually into her own thumb! What do they discover?

Everything in the universe is made up of exactly the same stuff! From the Moon, to the rocks on the ground, to the other kids at school...it’s all the same. Nothing, or nobody, is "better" than anything else. With some wonderful graphics and colorful illustrations, this is a powerful lesson that every parent will be happy to share with their children. Now for sale on Amazon!